Week 2: Working it through!

A most beautiful, and amazing week has gone by – and perhaps one of the most intense ones too.

Last Monday, students teamed up with artists and the brainstorming began. The last weekend was spent sourcing material and this week was meant to explore, and experiment. As usual we played games, and made sure we had a fun day planned ahead. A full credit to Julie’s meticulous planning.

The following teams were formed:

a) Tie and Dye
Hanif, Sikandar
Maureen, Vanessa

b) Block Printing
Aakib Khatri, Hannah, Joanna, Rachel

c) Sujani Embroidery
Sanju Devi, Rosie, Maddy, Grace

d) Chikankari Embroidery
Naseem Bano, Ally

While Maureen, Vanessa, Hanif and Sikandar experimented with a zillion tying techniques, Hanif also got inspired to design a Kaftan. He was still looking for a design to begin with, when we visited the Garden of Five Senses. Each day after working with Vanessa and Maureen, Hanif would come back post lunch, and muse over the new designs created. Then he would start sketching, and deriving inspiration from those, he would come up with new themes! Each one of them truly, were learning from each other.

With Sanju Devi, the girls tried something very new – there were experiments around the illustration itself – merging Australian and Indian inspirations and scenes. Maddy innovated on Sujani with a beading technique, and has reflections of Sanju’s patterns too. Rosie, has had Sanju do a colored version of her design, while she is working on the black and white. Its unbelievable how amazing it is to see everyone embroider together. Sanju needless to say, enjoys their company a lot.

In the studio, Aakib, Hannah, Joanna and Rachel did not stop printing. Textures, Masking and Color – they tried and tested it all. They learnt how to make color, resist and print. With Aakib’s inputs on design and technique, finally we have a range of garments being produced. Aakib too, decided to learn how to do ‘pattern making’ so he could make garments independently.

Naseem Bano was introduced to Chikankari accessories – bracelets and neckpieces, in beautiful patterns and designs. This is something she has never tried before; and so when she finished a hand-glove, she was quite excited to do more! There’s a heavy week for her ahead, and hopefully, with chikankari accessories, she’d be able to tap a larger market for herself.

Amidst all the work, we found time for lunches together, and our friends also treated us to lunch at Naivedyam one of the days.

A visit to the HKV market, and especially People Tree, got the artists craving for more time to work and develop ideas.

One evening we ventured to the Garden of Five Senses. There we saw installations, various types of flora and well, couples in full bloom. The artists appreciated things around them, and derived inspiration from nature for their final projects.


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