a KALEIDOSCOPE of possibilities..

The last week has passed like a whirlwind. So has the last month, if you come down to it. When Julie Lantry (an Australian Fashion Designer) got in touch with us over a collaborative residency back in April, little did we know about the exciting time it would bring. 10 students, Dr. Cecilia (a textile designer and lecturer at University of Technology Sydney), and Julie combined with an amazing collective of Indian textile artists (Aakib Bhai, Hanif Bhai, Sanju Devi, and Naseem Bano) spells nothing but ‘Creativity’ – with a big C. The traditions: Ajrakh Block Printing, Bandhani, Sujni embroidery, Chikankari.

It was interesting how our team sitting in Delhi brainstormed on a few names, Kaleidoscope being one, and then Julie mailed in with her suggestion! And so the name came about, representing a fusion, and a plethora of possibilities and color. The logo, as you see, is inspired by Islamic architecture (primarily the Identity of Ahmedabad and Tree of Life. The colorful swirls with stitches around, suggestive of textile design exploring its roots in tradition.

Designed by Vidhi Suneja and Aprajita Sabharwal, with inputs from Julie Lantry and Medhavi.

Now  please say you love it :O

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