Artisans to Designers

Artisans to Designers

On behalf of our artists, Sebati Swain (Orissa), D.Padma (Andhra), Heera Kanth (Bihar), and Radha Sullur (Karnataka), it gives us immense pleasure to invite you to the inaugural exhibit of The Studio Residency Project.

Over the last month, the artists have been through workshops and sessions led by our volunteers and team in various aspects of design and have put an exhibit together of their final projects. Each project represents a unique aspect of their art forms and their experiments with tradition, art, and design.

As such, “Artisans to Designers” showcases the works of four women artists skilled in Chittara, Madhubani, Mask-making/Scroll painting, and Soara Tribal Art. In this exhibit, our artists have explored several themes as a part of their final showcase – marriage, conversations, emotions, and their personal journey to name a few.

At Happy Hands, the focus has always been to make the art/craft sector sustainable, and therefore, the need to enable artisans to think like designers. For the first time ever, our artisans were given the experience of a Residency-Training module; as we all know that even
though the first-time is challenging, it often paves the way forward.

We hope that you would be able to share your time with us over an evening and encourage our artists in their maiden exhibit as designer.

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