Mask Making at the Studio

We all wear masks don’t we, but today at the Studio we decided that we should create one for ourselves as well. With time, our Cherial artist, D. Padma has also tried to move away from the traditional art of painting on scrolls to making cherial masks using a dough made out of tamarind seed and saw dust.  Our first class took place on a Sunday where we had Smita, yet again an extremely dedicated student and our ‘crazy for perfection’ artist D. Padma. As we see from the images below – this turned out to be a very fun workshop with excellent student-to-teacher ratio, and was filled with conversations between the student and the teacher. Padma Didi is a very patient person, she doesn’t hurry up things and is extremely neat in her work. Cannot wait for our student Smita to come back again next Saturday and continue making her own very Cherial Mask !

Mask Making Workshop: Day1

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