Srishti’s Corner : Day 11

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Srishti Sharma, a post-graduate student in Fashion Management writes her views/thoughts on today’s session. With little background in design but a thirst for learning, Srishti sat in on the day’s proceedings at our Studio taking reams of notes that she shares with us here…

The 11th day of the Residency started with the last day’s participants for Madhubani paintings coming in to learn new motifs, designs and coloring techniques. The workshop was as exciting and as intense as it was yesterday.

The rest of the time I spent inside the office along with Gitanjali updating the blog as it had been a really busy week in the past and it is upsetting to be unable to share the information with everyone. The Residency went through many ups and downs, which I can very well see, has resulted in strengthening the determination of Happy Hands mentors to work harder and achieve their objective of “Turning Artisans into Designers.”

aaah! documenting everything!! :|

The latter part of the day had a workshop of mask making by Padma didi (our Cherial artist). A curious student joined in and the workshop turned out to be really fun. Me, as a viewer found it really hard to keep myself from jumping in and playing with the tamarind dough. Tamarind seed powder for paste, saw dust from carpenters and coconut shell for base, were used for making the mask. It was amazing to see a coconut shell turn into a beautiful face.

Minutes later, Heera didi (our Madhubani artist) and Seboti didi (our Soara artist) joined it, and it was then that I saw a hidden child in them. I couldn’t help laughing when Heera didi did not let Seboti use the paste she made for herself. It was just like watching a bunch of kindergarten students fighting for their pencils and erasers.

I left the studio with a huge smile on my face. I got sensitized to their child-like innocence and hence can say without doubt that it is important to keep the child in you alive!!

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