Srishti’s Corner: Day 10

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Srishti Sharma, a post-graduate student in Fashion Management writes her views/thoughts on today’s session. With little background in design but a thirst for learning, Srishti sat in on the day’s proceedings at our Studio taking reams of notes that she shares with us here…

Five busy days at college and I seem to have missed a lot at Happy Hands’ Residency. A quick catching up on the last weeks’ happenings with Gitanjali got me just one reply: “hectic”!! I am sure it was, as this residency is about making the artisans look at their art with a different perspective, and with these artisans who have been attached to their arts since ages, the job only gets tougher.

A different looking studio then caught my eye. All the handcrafted paintings, sculptures, jewelry, bags and a lot more were displayed in there. It looked just like any organization that supports Indian handicrafts would: artistic, ethnic and cultural!!

Day1 of the Weekend Workshop

The other major part of the Residency, which I also had been super excited to witness, began today- the Workshops!! Two young and enthusiastic participants were at the studio to learn Madhubani Art from Heera didi. I believe it wasn’t just learning for these participants but also for Heera didi who was making sure that the students were engaged in the art. And for any artisan to grow its important that he/she comes out of their shell, smartly interact with anybody and sell their art with confidence.

The workshop was really interesting where the participants eagerly questioned Heera didi about the art. Heera didi told them stories of weddings in Bihar and how Madhubani paintings are inspired by this auspicious occasion. She also told them stories of her past when the women of her family possessed great talent but were not permitted to go out and do any business and how a researcher from Delhi named Kulkarni brought a change in their lives by convincing the men of the house and since that day her family in Bihar has only seen growth and advancement. Heera didi’s stories held everyone in awe and added a touch of emotions to that moment.

The participants learnt how integrating lines and colors with the right techniques, the right angle and the right symmetry is important to make a Madhubani painting. They left with a great response and happy faces.

It was followed by a packaging workshop where some of the interns from Pearl Academy showed the artisans how they can package their products in an attractive manner. It was interesting and easy and was encouraging for Padma di as she has been finding the other tasks new and hard to cope up with.

These four lovely ladies who have already become a part of the Happy Hands family are actually away from their real family members. Heera didi who is always worrying about her daughters, Padma didi and Radha didi who miss their husbands, and our little Seboti whose eyes brighten up when she sees her brother every few days; I feel very proud to see them living away from their homes strongly determined to gain the best out of this program.

The awesome weather outside just made me want that each one of these artisans was out with their friends and family, relishing the light drizzle and the cool breeze. But nonetheless, we were all happy with our new family.. we were all happy at Happy Hands!!!!

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