Brown paper packaging tied up with strings . . .

. . . these are a few of OUR favorite things!

Packaging a product is like dressing up  – after all you are who you are based on how you look!  All our artists-in-residenceare very much aware about the importance of packaging their products and feel that maybe this is where they lose out on potential customers. To try and plug in this gap and help them achieve one of their goals of being a part of the Residency, we at the People’s Project along with interns from the Pearl Academy took a small workshop on how to make simple paper bags and boxes. These bags when purchased from a retail-shop or even from the wholesale shop would otherwise cost them anything between Rs.6 -Rs.10 per bag depending upon the size.

making paper bags at the Studio

Newspapers, sheets of paper lying around the office, and basic chart paper was used to make these bags and boxes. Using newspaper was appreciated by all the four artists as it is something that is easily available and is cost effective. Shreeya from Pearl Academy led the session and spent about two-hours with the artists helping each of them with their paper bags. Throughout the session, Padma Didi was extremely excited and this exercise helped lift her spirits up a bit – as she wasn’t really satisfied with the progress she made on that day.

It was definitely something new for the artists but in no time, given their experience and skill, they learnt how to do this very simple task! To find out more – click here to view the pictures from this day!

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