Musical Symphony

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
~Aldous Huxley

It is difficult to expect a moment of silence in a house full of women. So we chose to embrace the noise! In the absence of silence, we thought the artisans might get some inspiration from a bit of music. 

On Day 9, things were moving well at The Studio. With pending work on everyone’s tables it was best to just put our heads down and get through it.  In between pending work, dehydrated and a little dispirited from the day before, we thought it would be interesting to take the help of some instrumental fusion music for inspiration! 

Eyes closed. Lights off. Let the music play!

The artisans were initially hesitant and unsure what we were asking them to do, but if there is one thing all four share it is their willingness to learn and experience new things!

This exercise was done in two parts:

Firstly, we switched off all the lights in the room and asked our artists to close their eyes and feel the music that was being played. After the music was over, we switched on the lights and the music was played again. This time they were asked to draw whatever came to their mind – lines, circles, dots,keeping in mind that with a change in the beat of music the sketching would change.

The second time around involved a slight difference. In this exercise, instead of random drawing, the artisans conjured a story that would fit the song.  The objective of this exercise was to help them use their sense, feel the music, and understand how one can represent music in an image.

Result: Radha struggled a bit with this exercise – she did manage to randomly draw the first time around, but when it came to the story she was a little heitant. Padma Didi and Seboti floored us with their sketches and Heera Didi drew the musical instruments she could hear! All in all, I think it felt like meditation :)

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