Dead Meat in the Heat!

Enthusiasm is followed by disappointment and even depression, and then by renewed enthusiasm.
Murray Gell-Mann

We skipped the depression part, but yes, our enthusiasm levels started to ebb on day 8. An NGO Mela was organized at the Delhi Technological University. Though we somehow convinced ourselves that driving the distance would be worth it,  the entire event had a really poor turnout and on top of this the weather gods were not too pleased! With no breeze, eleven of us (yes, eleven!) braved 37 degree heat and unbearable sun to be rewarded with lack of sales and almost no registrations for workshop.

That said, we did enjoy the opportunity to  develop our exhibition skills. How to set the price, how to angle/position the display, or how to respond to questions like “is this vastu-shastr?” (asked a boy with attitude looking at the Chittara painting). For our first-time-in-the-city girl, Seboti, it was a definite ‘tick’ on the exposure check-list. From being nervous around customers to holding a conversation on her own – it was something that brought a smile to our faces!

We called it a day a bit earlier than normal, with hope in the power of tomorrow! Not at Rithala (obviously!) but back at the Studio with exercises, fun, painting, and lots and lots of shade! :)

The 2 hour metro ride home gave the artisans another chance to observe how Delhi works. As I skim through one of their observations diaries I see a sketch of a girl standing in the Metro, wearing a tiny little skirt, on the phone. A culture shock for a girl from a tiny village in Andhra Pradesh.

Looking forward to Tomorrow – the oh! so positive tomorrow – that will bring with it a change in venue, change in objective, and a change in weather!

Click Here to view images of the day!

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