Weekend Fun!

Workshops @ the Studio

To our delight, the Madhubani workshop at the weekend turned out to be a great success! We had two dedicated participants from different ends of the city attending a two-hour session with our resident Madhubani artist, Heera Didi.  It was heartening to see Akshata’s and Vardhana’s genuine interest in the art form, their curiosity, and their desire to learn.

As promised, the first workshop provided a general introduction to the world of Madhubani, its origin and history, and some of the many aspects/motifs common to the art form. At the end of Day 1 the participants, along with Heera Didi, made a complete painting with pencil depicting the famous Madhubani Fish placed intricately in a beautiful border.

Workshops are an integral part of this Residency. They provide an experience-based learning platform for artists, giving them exposure on how to conduct workshops, helping them understand that by taking workshops they are passing on their art form and thus preserving it. More than this they get a better understanding of their customers. Simple interactions help them feel wanted and important, and in this day and age, when livelihoods are dependent on their own art, it is of utmost importance that our artisans don’t feel neglected.

It was however unfortunate that the other three artists did not receive the same response on Day 1. Ahem, ahem, ahem . . .You can sign up for workshops here. 

(Write to us for a flexible schedule!) 

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