the Artist steps OUT. . .

Day 6 @ the Studio: Library Visit

After the intense session on Design and its elements, most of Day 5 was spend working on the techniques our artisans had learnt. This was the first day that our artisans stepped out of the Studio space – and stepped in to the world of books! Based on previous conversations and interactions with the artisans we knew the kind of books would interest them and help them understand better.

intense conversations at the Library

With their yellow, orange, and green tags, each of them slowly and steadily worked their way through the endless aisles. The images that caught their eyes were discussed and dissected and photocopied for future reference! :) Optical illusions and patterns caught Radha’s attention, which makes sense as Chittara is about geometrical lines and patterns. She felt that illusions could add a contemporary touch to her art form. Padma Ji, with her Cherial figures and background in story-telling thought her work could be transformed into comic-book format and she found inspiration in books by Mario de Miranda and other comic book/graphic novel artists. Heera Didi spent some time exploring books on colors, lines, and tried making images of the things she saw, using whatever she remembered from our perspectives class. For Seboti, it was a bit intimidating at first, but she soon opened up and took a lot away from the experience. All in all, a great experience: something to help them, something to get them thinking and something to show them the possibilities.

Exercise Time: Post Lunch

The second half of the day was spent doing some more exercises! Keeping up with the rhythm of yesterday.

#1 The artist were given small sheets of paper and were asked to draw things or scenes from their villages that they miss the most. For instance, they were asked to draw their pooja rooms and the structure of their houses. The objective of this exercise was  to help them clearly understand perspective drawing and t0 develop their ability to depict ideas in three dimensions.

#2 Taking inspiration from what they observed at the Library, artisans were asked to adapt patterns and techniques that they liked and use them to make their usual paintings.

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