Exercises. Exercises. and More Exercises!

Day 5 . . .and the grilling begins! 

Our main design topic for the day was ‘color usage‘ and ‘color manipulation‘. We wanted the artists to break from the usual color combination they use and apply different color combinations in the same patterns.

Exercise #1 : Moving away from the Usual!
The artisans were asked to draw objects/motifs that feature regularly in their paintings, but  were asked to paint them in colors that are the exact opposite of the ones they typically use. The objective of the exercise is to help the artisans expand their palettes and explore the possibility of different colors. Result? A blue cow, a purple monkey, and an orange elephant!

Exercise #2 : Create your Own Color Wheel!
Our artisans were asked to make their own color wheel using their favorite colours. Each one of them picked three of their favorite colors, using them as primary colours, and other colors were mixed along with them to get secondary and tertiary colours.

Exercise #3 : Experiments with Light.
For this exercise, the light and shade of an object was explained. We drew and gave them objects like a cube, a square and some more tricky ones like a bottle and told them to shade it with color keeping in mind the light areas and dark areas of the object.

Exercise #4 : Design your own product :)
The final exercise for the day was for the artisans to work on a product and make a prototype. No holds barred – any design using any color. The only instruction from our end was that they had to incorporate their art form on the product. Seboti made a box and painted it orange and yellow with Soara figures, Padma Di made a green Kurti with Cherial faces on it, Heera Didi designed a bag using red and orange, and Radha designed a frock in black and white for a 5 year old!

As part of their Cluster Development Program, the students of Pearl Academy of Fashion  worked closely with each of the four artists and helped them achieve the desired goals. There were definite struggles during the entire time – working with colours which are not traditional, working with new designs, even working together in the same space at times proved challenging.

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