Srishti’s Corner: Day 4

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Srishti Sharma, a post-graduate student in Fashion Management writes her views/thoughts on today’s session. With little background in design but a thirst for learning, Srishti sat in on the day’s proceedings at our Studio taking reams of notes that she shares with us here…

10 am… I entered the office, and the day already seemed to have been started, inspite of it being a Sunday. All four artisans still hung-over yesterday’s material kit, wanting to experiment with each of the materials, were sitting in four different corners, engrossed in their paintings. I was impressed by how Happy Hands has been able to spell bind these four artisans with their initiative that just began 3 days ago.

Formula for the day was:

“Material old +Paint new => Save time

Painting old + Product new => Raise appeal”

Padma didi worries that the new material and new color will make the art lose its traditional essence was sorted when Yashna mentioned that its not about doing away with the painting but about adding a new element to the product keeping the tradition alive!!

An incident that brought a smile to my face was when Padma didi was unhappy about her painting on the acrylic sheet. “ Ye achha nahi lag raha.” (it is not looking good.), she complained. It was followed by Yashna’s inspiring and encouraging reply  that “painting kharab bane to koi baat nahi. Apke k lie ye sab naya hai. Kharab kuch bhi nahi. Jo nahi achha lage usko chhod do”.

Me, being a mere spectator of this event felt rush in my veins when I heard Yashna tell the artisans,

”Learn and grab as much as u can in these 25 days!!!! Explore!! Experiment!! Try!! Don’t worry about wastage and spoilage!! It will teach you what mistakes to avoid later in life!! Let loose!!”

Post lunch session by Medhavi was yet another eye opener. It talked of shapes, sizes, colors, designs and textures. If we look around, we can find each of these everywhere. But who ever gave it a thought. Neither did our artisans. The new concept that was explained made the artisans scratch their heads and wipe the sweat off their brows. I felt sad to see them get uncomfortable. But after hearing what Medhavi had to say, I felt the sweating was worth it. She told the artisans,” Take as much time as u want.. but understand the concept well. You are in a country where there is not just one Saoara or Madhubani artist but thousands of them. To stand out and stay ahead of all you have to learn to be different.”

I love the fact that the sessions here at Happy Hands are not mere passive learning sessions. They are full of interactions and actions. The artisans are made to brainstorm and come up with their own ideas.

Feeling inspired by the happenings of the day I would like to put it in Medhavi’s words that we want these artisans to grow and to succeed. They have the art, the have the talent, but it is our responsibility to give them the right knowledge to manage and to market!! So, here I applaud the Happy Hands Foundation for undertaking such a great initiative!

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