Srishti’s Corner: Day 3

<DAY 2  DAY 3 

Srishti Sharma, a post-graduate student in Fashion Management writes her views/thoughts on today’s session. With little background in design but a thirst for learning, Srishti sat in on the day’s proceedings at our Studio taking reams of notes that she shares with us here…

So what’s in store for today? Fun? Learning? Hard work? Two days at Happy Hands has made everyone realize that the day will be full of ALL of this.

Medhavi brings in a bag full of surprise for the artisans. The bag, we call Material Kit, is a bag full of those materials that the artisans can use in their art and are new to. Paper and fabric is all that these artisans have ever worked with. But acrylic sheets, mount boards, tin sheets, MDF, textured sheets and much more, when revealed were followed by curiosity and inquisitiveness.

Not testing their patience for long, the Material Kit was handed over to them and they were set free to try and experiment with the whole new bunch of exciting things.

With the mentoring of Medhavi and Yashna and the assistance of Happy Hands volunteers, there was nothing that could stop the artisans from exploring new sheets, colors, textures, pens and paints!!!

Srishti's Corner :)

Post lunch:

There was silence all around. Everyone engrossed in the detailing of their work. But amidst the seriousness there was something funny going on. Everyone seemed to be playing dumb charades with each other. Why?? Of course, we cannot forget the inevitable presence of the Bhaasha problem. Radha didi trying to enact and others trying to make their own wild guesses, is just one small example. We are sure by the end of the Residency either everyone will be a charades expert or the artisans will be fluent Hindi speakers!!

The session ended with aching backs but output so productive that everyone bade goodbye with a hope to learn some more the next day!!

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