Srishti’s Corner: Day 2

Srishti Sharma, a post-graduate student in Fashion Management writes her views/thoughts on today’s session. With little background in design but a thirst for learning, Srishti sat in on the day’s proceedings at our Studio taking reams of notes that she shares with us here…

A calm and cool start to the day brought all the four artisans together under one roof to share with each other, their experiences, their talent and their knowledge and to learn the same from others.

It began with Heera Didi (our Madhubani artist), whose years of experience and possession of an amazing talent gave others an insight to the world of Madhubani paintings. It was followed by the shy Sebati, an expert in Soaara paintings, hesitating to speak her mind. But a small pat on the back and encouraging smiles made her lose all her inhibitions and then came the whole gamut of knowledge about the beautiful and intricate designs of Soaara Art. Radha, the resident Chittara artist, with her flamboyant and clever attitude, catches everyones attention, in spite of the bhaasha (language) problem. Her art form, again a depiction of weddings and the harvest season, held everyone in awe when it was revealed that a thin strand of fibre is used as a brush to paint those intricate designs. Padma Didi, the lady with poise, then strikes off to talk about the Cherial art form. Inspired from the Mahabharata, Cherial has masks, paintings and sculptures talking of Lord Krishna and other characters of Mahabharata. The end of the discussion resulted in all the artisans realizing how each of their art forms is different from one another, yet can be integrated to produce a new form increasing its appeal and value.

The Happy Hands mentors, Gitanjali and Yashna, then sat down with the artisans for a brainstorming session discussing the challenges and hardships that they face. It brought everyone in face to face with the reality which says that it’s a tough world outside and it is such a pity that these artisans do not get the deserved reward for the toil they put in. The sweat that is shed to make that one beautiful piece of art is all gone waste when these artisans end up earning the money that doesn’t even cover up their expenses. Problems ranging from language restriction and lack of exposure, to packaging, costing, middlemen and pricing were discussed and the artisans were ensured that they will surely be provided full assistance in knowing the growing world outside and dealing with these problems.

All this was finally followed by the viewing of the Resource Book, the book with illustrations of various ideas that the artisans can integrate and implement with their art forms. It opened up a whole new world of ideas to the artisans. Photo frames , table napkins, clocks, lampshades, and several other ideas were presented before them who excitedly noted down the things they can try. Not just that, the whole discussion ended up with the artisans themselves coming up with innovative and creative ideas.

The day closed with the artisans putting in the experiences of their day on a paper, not with a pen and ink BUT in their own style, with a brush and paint!!


Thank you Srishti for taking the time and sharing your notes with us. We would love to hear more about what your thoughts are, what you think about the curriculum, some interesting quotes that you picked up, and something that brought a smile to your face !

Keep writing! Watch this space for Srishti’s Corner!

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