Day 2: Past Works. Hula Hoops. Resource Book and the Observation Diary.

Day 2 Captured in Soara Style!

The residency is beginning to gather momentum. Our SoaraArtist, Sebati, checked in at the Studio today. A day later than the others and with some catching up to do, she and Heera Didi sat down with Padma Ji and Radha to talk about their past works, materials used and the stories attached to these traditional art forms. The thing I like the most about these sessions is to see the level of curiosity. Irrespective of their age, language and culture, every time an artist took out some indigenous material or talked about a particular texture they tried or color they mixed, the remaining three would be ready with questions and would want to know more!

The other highlight for the day was of course playing with the beautiful Hula Hoop in our office. Twirling around, laughing, and playing with one another helped break the ice a little bit and I feel all the four residents felt a bit easy around one another. The massive resource book was shared with the artisans and at the end of the day, they got some time to reflect their learnings in their respective art forms in their very own observation diaries! :)

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