Resource Book: The Making Of

You cannot open a book without learning something – Confucius

We at Happy Hands wanted to make something for the artisan that would widen their horizons, or as Raghav would put it “matthha kholna hai unka!” (we want to open their minds!).

With language barriers and the obvious lack of time, we decided to try and gather as many pictures as possible depicting a variety of things that one uses in their day-to-day routine.  As an organization we are extremely lucky – whenever we call out for help, people respond. For this project, Aprajita and Srishti, two dedicated volunteers, gathered around 1237 photos, handed them over, and Yashna got them printed by our favourite (wait for it) Khooo…Rana Printers at Nehru Place.

Let me say that again – One Thousand Two Hundred and Thirty Seven pictures!! It really wasn’t easy – with all the organizing, the running around, the cleaning, and a thousand other things that were on our minds – cutting and pasting these photographs under various categories was just not fitting in the schedule of things!

After two days, one motivational “pep talk” (read: “one really long scolding”), some drama, justifications, and carelessness, six very talkative interns from the Pearl Academy of Fashion put together this book. It wasn’t easy and all credit to these guys … there is always scope for improvement. But for now, this is something that we all proud of. It will do and it will work beautifully.

We can’t wait for Yashna to take the session on ‘Introduction to the Resource Book’ sometime in the next couple of days, and more importantly we can’t wait for the artisans to look at all these pictures and come up with ways in which their art can be integrated and incorporated.

Some of the categories include: Stationery, Linen, Table accessories, Personal accessories, Clothes, Toys, DIY Kits, Installations and much much more … the pictures are different, challenging, and inshallah will prove to be an enduring resource for the artisans, something that they can always refer to. Interested to see how it turned out? Drop by and spend some time flipping through 200 odd pages filled with bright pictures! :)

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