Our new home.

After an exhaustive search (with a keen eye on places, spaces, sunlight, metro access, ventilation and who know’s what else!), we, The People’s Project, have bravely ventured out of our little nook in Hauz Khas Village and we can now present to the world an exciting new space we call home – our Studio!

It all begins…

Everything begins with a splash of colour!

Everything begins with a splash of colour!

What should the color of the walls be? What kind of furniture should we buy? Which electrician to contract? Why wouldn’t the paint guy just hurry it up already! 
Does a basic job of plumbing require Rs.XXXX! How should we place the furniture? What color tube lights should we use? 

Painting sessions, decorating and then redecorating, panic attacks, frequent visits from our very interesting Landlord, empty pockets, and content hearts. Sleepless nights, endless conversations, lots and lots of Uncle Chips, tired eyes, and the ever so sweet pain in our backs.  After all this and much more, we move to Saidulajab – our freshly ‘apple green’ painted two-storey house!

With shades of blue, green, red, and yellow and the very important wi-fi connection – the office starts operation from today!

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