Sujani Embroidery

The Bihari embroidery technique includes two types of stitches : chain stitch, and the Sujani stitch (starkly similar to the running stitch). The Chain stitch is like weaving, where each stitch is followed by making a loop over the previous stitch. The running stitch is a continuous type of stitch where the thread is changed only … Continue reading

Week 2: Working it through!

A most beautiful, and amazing week has gone by – and perhaps one of the most intense ones too. Last Monday, students teamed up with artists and the brainstorming began. The last weekend was spent sourcing material and this week was meant to explore, and experiment. As usual we played games, and made sure we … Continue reading

Tie and Dye

Hanif Bhai is an enthusiastic artist. He enjoys most when he can explain the process and importance of his art to others. His constantly ‘thinking’ mind, churns out some of the most unique concepts which have been worked around, this residency. Here’s an excerpt from our diary: : For different types of cloth, different dyeing … Continue reading

Ajrakh Block Printing

On the first day, Aakib Bhai spoke about the process in detail, including a demonstration on how to make color. Students watched as he printed, resist first, color later. Everyone had a chance to try printing, and at the end, what we had was a collection of different blocks printed across a sheet of cloth! … Continue reading

Week One: Sharing Stories and Ideas

The first day began with each design student receiving a kit which included information on the various crafts, artist bios, sketchpads and bookmarks. Artisan-Students received sketchpads, and name tags alongside information about the Residency. To introduce each art and the processes involved, we started with demonstrations. Artists shared stories of their humble beginnings, proud moments … Continue reading

The Exhibit Week

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” We at Happy Hands Foundation promised our artists an exhibit at the end of the Residency – one that would not only showcase their past works but that would give them a platform to interact with the … Continue reading

Mask Making at the Studio

Mask Making at the Studio

We all wear masks don’t we, but today at the Studio we decided that we should create one for ourselves as well. With time, our Cherial artist, D. Padma has also tried to move away from the traditional art of painting on scrolls to making cherial masks using a dough made out of tamarind seed … Continue reading

Srishti’s Corner : Day 11

Srishti’s Corner : Day 11

<DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 10 Day 11 Srishti Sharma, a post-graduate student in Fashion Management writes her views/thoughts on today’s session. With little background in design but a thirst for learning, Srishti sat in on the day’s proceedings at our Studio taking reams of notes that she shares with us here… The 11th day of the … Continue reading